We are passionate about making the best candles possible.

Lakewood Candles are made of soy blended wax, natural fiber wicks and the finest fragrances available. Each candle is hand poured and triple scented to ensure the strongest scent load possible.

Supporting local communities and the national economy is the core of our foundation; all of our products are made in the USA and we source as many raw materials from USA manufacturers as possible. Our private label candles are shipped to boutiques and major retail chains in the United States and beyond. We are proud to partner with local businesses and non-profits as well as international brands. Our passion and partnership has no limits.

Lakewood Candle Company was created in 2008 as a creative outlet for founder and East Dallas resident Wendy Millsap. While seeking a medium to express creative energy, Wendy started making custom labeled candles for family and friends. Today, we continue to put as much attention and detail into each candle as the day we started.

Shine On!