Candle Care

All of our candles are tested and poured to burn even and straight across!  We use only natural cotton core wicks and a proprietary soy blended wax. 

We love to push boundaries; each candle is loaded with extreme fragrance! 

Please keep in mind, because we push the fragrance load to the limits, the wick will “mushroom” if burned for long periods of time. We recommend trimming the wick after three hours of burn time.  Carbon build up on the wick does not affect the quality of the candle.  It is simply a sign of a highly fragrant product; the fragrance is pushing through the wick faster than  the cotton wick can combust.  A mushrooming wick can be unsightly, cause black to accumulate on the glass or even result in the glass breaking.  So, please follow our advice and care for your candle properly.  The secret is to  trim your wick to 1/4" before burning.  And remember, be sure to trim the wick every three hours of burn time.

Enjoy your Lakewood Candles!