Fragrance Library

All of our fragrances are specially blended to produce extreme fragrance that will not only fill a room but also linger in it. 
We work with only the best perfumers and fragrance houses to ensure quality ingredients go into each candle.

Grapefruit Mint  
fresh cut grapefruit sprinkled with garden mint

Garden Mint
the name says it all

Bonnie & Clyde
our first and most popular, exclusive blend of leather kissed by the dew and sunshine in a spring garden

Vintage Patchouli
this sophisticated blend of a traditional herb is rounded off with subtle hints of rose 

Grapefruit Black Currant Rose
a refreshing citrus blend with a fresh cut rose undertone

Wild Oats & Bourbon
soothing, earthy oats mingled with aged bourbon

Sweet Milk
light, airy notes of vanilla and cream

Lavender Mint
need we say more

green notes, refreshing and crisp

Bamboo Coconut
green floral blended with coconut and pineapple with end notes of wood and vanilla

An exotic blend of fresh green mandarin, aromatic cannabis, and exotic spices with base notes of cassia and patchouli

Coconut Bourbon
a complex blend of  shredded coconut, Kentucky bourbon, fresh fruits, jasmine, cedar and musk

warm honey with hints of orange zest and delicate florals

Sea Salt
invigorating blend of florals, wood and fruits

Rue Bourbon

Lemon Chiffon
lemongrass and black currant with hints of patchouli and sugarcane


Tomato Leaf Grapefruit

Madagascar Vanilla Forest


Sage Pine

Frazier Fir

Currant & Cedar

Leather Santal Rose

Hinoki Rose


Birch & Hearth