Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

requires pre-paid backstock inventory
storage fee = $25/month/pallet.  one pallet minimum

Shipping Fees:
billed to client account
ShipStation accounts preferred, others require approval

Premium Presentation
Brand Focused and Gift Ready

Presentation Box: $1.50 each

Pick and Pack:
picking, label printing, and box setup
qty 1-3: $3.00 each
qty 4-6: $2.80 each
qty 6+: $2.65 each

Promotional Insert: $0.25 each

Premium Presentation available
for the following profiles:
Collett 13.5 oz, Junius 12 oz (w/ cork lid),
Fitzhugh 13 oz, Worth 14 oz,
Worth 11oz, Victor 9 oz 

Standard Packing

First Item: $3.00
includes picking, label printing, and box setup

Additional Items: $0.55 each

Promotional Inserts: $0.25 each

Packing Material: quoted by setup